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Air Filtration System
Serial Number: 99130C0092

Ridgid AF2000-0 Portable Air Filtration System Learn More

Heavy Duty Pipe Cutter
Serial Number: 1/8"-2"

Ridgid 2A/202 1/8" - 2" Heavy Duty Pipe Cutter. *MADE IN USA* Learn More

Chain Tong Wrench
Serial Number: USA

Ridgid 3235 Chain Tong Wrench, 1 1/2 in. to 8 in. Pipe Capacity. *MADE IN USA* Learn More

Aluminum Pipe Wrench
Serial Number: 24"

Ridgid 824 24" Aluminum Straight Pipe Wrench Learn More

Right Hand Pipe Die
Serial Number: 1-1/2

Ridgid 37935 1-1/2-Inch High Speed Right Hand Pipe Die. *MADE IN USA* *NEVER USED* Learn More

Universal Die Head
Serial Number: 1/4-3/8

Ridgid 47740 Universal Die Head Set 1/4-3/8 NPT *NEVER USED* *MADE IN USA* Learn More

Threading Mach Die Head
Serial Number: 2-1/2" - 4

Ridgid 26152 Threading Machine Die Head, For Nominal Pipe Size: 2 1/2 in to 4 in, TPI: 8, NPT *MADE IN USA* Learn More

Heavy Duty Pipe Cutter
Serial Number: Duty

Ridgid A-197-531 Heavy Duty Pipe Cutter *MADE IN USA* Learn More

Deburring Tool
Serial Number: USA

Ridgid No. 74 Deburring Tool Learn More

Tubing Bender
Serial Number: 310

RIDGID 310/316M Plumbing Bender for 5/8 in. (16 mm) Soft Copper Tubing (Imperial/Metric) Learn More

Soil Pipe Cutter
Serial Number: 1-1/2" - 6

RIDGID Model 246 Soil Pipe Cutter, 1-1/2-inch to 6-inch Chain Soil Pipe Cutter Learn More

Collated Screwdriver

Ridgid R6791 3 in. Drywall and Deck Collated Screwdriver. Learn More